Colorado Springs – May, 2001

The Way I saw it or… The Adventures of a Non-pilot spouse of a Babe By Carleen Sitting at dinner across from Moxie can be hazardous as she has “volunteered” that I write the story of the Colorado Springs Babes Adventure of May 2001.First some history. Yes, I was there at the first Babe trip […]

The Mighty 150

In the carefree manor of all young, handsome, lean, mean, firm-jawed, tough-as-nails, slim-hipped, curly-haired, thin-lipped, clean talking, flat-bellied, hairy-chested, biceps-bulging, steely-eyed, sinewy-muscled, tight-bunned, lean-shanked, milk-drinking, apple-pie-eating, red-blooded, pure-thought-filled, hunk-a-doodle-doo, all-American stud-muffins and heroic deifiers of gravity, that is to say pilots, I gunned the mighty engine of my trusty Cessna and leap out on to […]



By Harry “Gipper” Morris KISSIMMEE AIRPORT KISM INTRODUCTION Monday, 0900hrs, I arrived at Stallion51 where I was introduced to Steve Larmore, a 41-year veteran pilot with more than 12,000hrs flight time, an AP&IA mechanic, and the one who looks after all of Stallion51 warbirds including the TF-51s and AT-6s. Steve was to be my instructor […]



JULY 14 THRU JULY 22, 2008 By Harry “Gipper” Morris THE STORY Everything was booked with Continental Airlines. My sister, Susan, was flying from Nashville, TN to Anchorage and I was flying from Palm Beach International to Anchorage. Our flights were to arrive within 30 minutes of each other. Good plan, but it didn’t turn […]

Lake Lawn The Continuing Saga


Lakelawn Lodge is becoming a typical sort of Babes hangout… so here we were again. Decent weather allowed fifteen Babes to congregate, some by air… and some by ground. Grummie got the “longest distance driven” award this time, due to a broken magneto… and provided these pics for your enjoyment.