How to Join the BABES

How do I become a Babe?

1. First of all, to stay in touch and meet other Babes online, go to the Message board and sign in as a new user. You’ll note a lot of callsign type names. The login name you create is usually a nickname (callsign) you want to use and be known as.

2. Then, just for fun, post a message introducing yourself with a short bio. How you found us, how long you have been flying, what you fly, where you fly, what you like to do, etc. That’s gives the other Babes a chance to meet and welcome you!!

3. Adopt a mindset of safe but fun flying and involving others where ever and when ever possible!!!!!!! especially spouses, children and significant others!

4. Join us at a lunch or breakfast or organize one of your own

5. Then comes the fun part – Stick your arms straight out at your sides, spin around 3 times while making airplane noises with your mouth. Hopefully in front of witnesses. Or wait until your first Babe-in and do it there.

Again, welcome and enjoy,

Love and kisses
Barbara “Moxie” (webmom)