Colorado Springs – May, 2001

The Way I saw it or… The Adventures of a Non-pilot spouse of a Babe By Carleen Sitting at dinner across from Moxie can be hazardous as she has “volunteered” that I write the story of the Colorado Springs Babes Adventure of May 2001.First some history. Yes, I was there at the first Babe trip […]

The Mighty 150

In the carefree manor of all young, handsome, lean, mean, firm-jawed, tough-as-nails, slim-hipped, curly-haired, thin-lipped, clean talking, flat-bellied, hairy-chested, biceps-bulging, steely-eyed, sinewy-muscled, tight-bunned, lean-shanked, milk-drinking, apple-pie-eating, red-blooded, pure-thought-filled, hunk-a-doodle-doo, all-American stud-muffins and heroic deifiers of gravity, that is to say pilots, I gunned the mighty engine of my trusty Cessna and leap out on to […]



By Harry “Gipper” Morris KISSIMMEE AIRPORT KISM INTRODUCTION Monday, 0900hrs, I arrived at Stallion51 where I was introduced to Steve Larmore, a 41-year veteran pilot with more than 12,000hrs flight time, an AP&IA mechanic, and the one who looks after all of Stallion51 warbirds including the TF-51s and AT-6s. Steve was to be my instructor […]



JULY 14 THRU JULY 22, 2008 By Harry “Gipper” Morris THE STORY Everything was booked with Continental Airlines. My sister, Susan, was flying from Nashville, TN to Anchorage and I was flying from Palm Beach International to Anchorage. Our flights were to arrive within 30 minutes of each other. Good plan, but it didn’t turn […]